Ways to Overcome my Fear of Colour

I always fear using bold colours; you know the ones that are very much in vogue today. I always tend to go with neutrals that are very safe to use and that can practically match anything inside my house. Using neutrals can be practical; however, using bright colours now and again can make a very big difference in my positive perspective in life. I would love to try them out but how? Here are some tips that I have read and would like to share it with you:

I think it is best if I start trying these colours in my smallest room. It will not be that much of a commitment for me; in addition, I will be able to spend less money and time. My tiny yet cheery bathroom will provide me a strong statement. I chose to use strong geometric shapes in a light ocean blue to provide the room with modest light and a positive feeling.

I can also use intense colours such as orange as long as it is accentuated by touch of blue. Orange feels like a fresher and younger version of red, which is a very welcoming color. However, orange can be a hot colour so I need to balance it out to give bit coolness to a room.

I should also try to balance matte and glossy surfaces. Silk may enrich all hues. It is advisable that for every glittering and shiny colour there must be a matte to counteract the effect. I must make sure to balance the earth with the ethereal.

It is a modern rule in interior designing that it is ok now to mismatch. It is not necessarily required that all colours in one room match with each other as contrasts can add to the look and feel.

However, I must remember to keep pink in check. To make a modern living room, I decided to use a brown and pink palette. It looks both feminine and masculine. Both colours set each other off. The pink is kept from looking too frothy if used beside dark brown.

There is another way, however; I can opt to use one colour but in different hues. I may use a blue palette in my idyllic bath, but I will not limit myself to just one shade. I have ready made curtains in a watery blue, which picks up the dark blue of my tiled floor and actually looks really good.

Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the right colour for a room. As long as I feel good whenever I am in it, everything will be perfect and it will definitely give good vibes to all who enter my home.